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Direct Steam Injection

Direct and powerful steam, which is generated in around 30 seconds, cooks food through quickly, retains internal moisture and preserves the original flavor.

* Internal data tested under quick steaming mode

3 Steaming Modes

H-Steam: Quick Steaming (100°C)

+Steam food quickly with high power to keep the original flavor
+Suitable for seafood, vegetables and quick-frozen food
+Maximum setting time: 1 hour


M-Steam: Pure Steaming (35-100°C)

+Simulate cooking on the stove with accurate fire power
+Suitable for meat, steamed eggs and buns
+Maximum setting time: 2 hours


L-Steam: Slow Steaming (35-100°C)

+Stew food with slow fire
+Suitable for slow cooking and stewing meat/soup.
+Maximum setting time: 5 hours


Steam-assisted convection makes food crispy outside and tender inside. Steam provides food with moisture and helps reducing oil and salt.


A convection fan is installed on the bake of the cavity to deliver the heat evenly and bake golden-colored food. Perfect for making meat, cakes, bread, etc.


30-45°C temperature setting  & 24 hours extra-long cooking time perfect for dough and yogurt fermentation.

Make Baking A Piece Of Cake

Wrap the food quickly and uniformly with up to 230°C 3D convection, resulting in perfectly browned baking.

Keep The Freshness Inside Out

No need to worry about the water dripping from top or pounding at the bottom from now on. With Toshiba Vapour-loop system, the condensate water can be effectively and properly handled. Let the steam does the steam thing.

Cleaning Is Never A Fuss

Breezy cleaning, right at the seamless round corner design. No oil and grease can hide with refined heat delivering holes.

Contemporary Aesthetic Design

Toshiba S1 Steam Toaster Oven hides the window and handle, leaving a sleek and neat front panel, a piece of art in the kitchen. When cooking is in progress, with the LED cavity light on top, it offers a larger and clearer view without blocking from the handle.

More Space For The Food, and The Kitchen

20L big volume cavity packs in a compact body.

Recipe Cook Book

A cook book is included with up to 20 recipes and useful tips to prepare the dishes at ease.